Jerker Krook / Krookmedia

jägäJerker Krook, 41, is the founder and CEO of Krook Media. His initial brainstorming about the common need of different active enthusiasts – high-quality and custom-made content – has helped the company to take the leading spot in the field. “We work with active and passionate people, and providing them with content is very rewarding”, says Jerker, an active golfer, fisher, and skier.

The productive entrepreneur who is never short of ideas works with a very large network of connections, and he always has a clear vision of his clients' needs. He is at home in the ever-changing media environment where quick actions are needed.

Being skilled in many different fields is Jerker's strength, and you can contact him directly in anything relating to all Krook Media services.

Contact: +358 40 566 3035 | jerker.krook(a)

Antti Zetterberg / fishing & skiing

zettisEditor-in-chief of Kalastus magazine,, and EDGE Ski.

Antti, 40, is a father of two sons and a keen outdoor person. Fishing, outdoor life, and snow sports have been close to his heart since he was young. “Somehow, it's always been those things that I get the most kicks out of”, he says. His main principle in anything he does is accountability.

Another passion for Antti is brand marketing and planning actions promoting sales. Antti has under his belt an extensive experience in marketing, having worked for over ten years at leading advertising agencies such as hasan & partners and PHS TBWA. Understanding a client's business and tailoring and implementing relevant marketing are Antti's strengths. This experience combined with deeply knowing and understanding lifestyle sports people is unique in our country.

Should you need assistance in terms of advertising your product or service, Antti will be happy to offer you his expertise regardless of the channel.

Contact: +358505695725 | antti.zetterberg(a)

Mikko Kempas / skateboarding

Mikko is responsible for the layout of Krook Media publications. Having been into skateboarding for over two decades, it is his field of expertise.

Contact: +358 40 160 4069 | kempas(a)

Viivi Avellán / Golf

viiviViivi is a mother of two, and to her, golf is a lifestyle. Viivi has been working as a journalist since 1999 – as a TV sports reporter as well as an author. It was golf, actually, that pulled her in to media, as, to her surprise, the golf TV show Draivi on channel four hired her as the person responsible for inserts. At the same time, Sanoma, owned by channel four, allowed her to get a reporter's degree.

“I can say I was living and breathing golf when I was young. I started to take it seriously when I was 9, and I was competing at Finnish championship level until the age of 16. After that, I was working as a caddiemaster and had a relationship with a professional golfer”, she admits.

In addition to Draivi, Viivi was writing for different Finnish golf magazines for ten years. She has been the editor-in-chief of Fore! since 2013 as well as the coordinator of Fore Fashion golf tour. On TV, in addition to working for channel four sports news, she has worked at MTV3 news alongside hosting several TV shows and being the producer of Elixir sports show.

Viivi's knowledge of golf is extensive, and she knows its prominent figures. That coupled with her contacts with Finnish media representatives and social media skills provides excellent tools for sharing a client's message.

Pauliina Virta

pauPauliina, 31, has been a show jumping professional for 15 years. It has been her passion since she straddled a pony for the first time when she was five years old. She worked as a caddiemaster for one season at a golf club when she was younger. After that, she has been working as an entrepreneur in different positions in service industry.

In 2012, Pauliina took up golf seriously. “I didn't think I could find another sport that would get me hooked as strong as show jumping did, but it happened after all. Golf is immensely addictive”, she says.

She started at Fore! in 2013. She has been working as a producer on Fore Fashion Tour since the beginning. Pauliina works at Krook Media as a producer, managing client relationships with EDGE and Fore! magazines, events, and their digital channels. In wintertime, she enjoys skiing.

Contact: +358 40 581 0083 | pauliina.virta(a)