We will make your story active!


Discussion on media revolves around the amount of contacts and clicks – while a personal approach and understanding clients receives less attention. We focus on making the stories of brands active and starting relationships that last.
We create real and direct interaction for brands with different groups of people that are active with all of their heart.

It is difficult for brands to directly reach people that are busy with the sports and lifestyles that they passionately love, but they can be reached with the help of the right specialist.


Krook Media House is a media company, but we do not sell advertisements, actually. In the heart of our thinking are partnerships that companies and brands can build with strategically selected groups. In the core, there is the natural, high-quality, convincing content and its relevant commercial messages.

The connection between a sport, the people into it, and the advertiser interested in that target group can last for several years.

A single marketing tactic in a magazine, online, or at an event is only a part of a carefully crafted chain of reaching out, and our experts of different activities and subcultures are glad to assist you.


About us
Krook Media was founded in 1998. We are a small yet solvent multi media house producing and offering high-quality sport and lifestyle magazines and websites, video productions, sports and business events, content for selected sports and lifestyle groups, consultancy, and sponsorship management.
Providing content for different channels – storytelling
Sometimes, a client wants to emphasize the content of their message to different target groups. With the help of our experts, we will bring the stories of our brands to life with results. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.
Sites related to our magazines as well as social media communities keep up the interaction, also serving as the number one sources of information in their field and providing a lot of inspiration and vibe.
Planning marketing and putting it into action
Target-group-related marketing is not always the easiest type of marketing out there. We help our clients to find the right channels and choose the best angles of approach. When necessary, we provide various types of media solutions ranging from printed products to online channels and events.
Events and experienced marketing
It is at events that brands get to reach their target groups directly. We organize events – that are among the most respected in the industry – ourselves or with a partner, and arrange meetings that result in commitments.
Print is definitely not dead! Our quality sport and lifestyle magazines are packed full of what is currently topical and important in all relevant fields of action, offering their readers plenty of quality reading time.