There are over 140,000 registered golfers in Finland. In 2000–2010, golf took the third place on the list of sports seeing the most growth. In 2009, golf was awarded olympic status, and after a break of hundred years, it will be seen at the olympic games in Rio in 2016. The games will likely witness two male and two female golfers from Finland, too.

There are two golf magazines being published in Finland at the moment. One of them is Digest; a large part of its content comes from abroad. Fore! is 100% Finnish, and its stories are written by Finnish golfers for Finnish golf lovers. It is distributed at clubs for free, and its aim is to cater for domestic golfers and clubs. We present new products, golf courses, golf travel destinations, and a variety of phenomena and features arousing the interest of golfers.

According to media studies, 80 percent of Finnish golfers read Fore! In addition to the printed mag, it is also available for mobile reading, and it is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Fore! has been arranging its own golf tour, Fore Fashion Tour, for several years. The tour includes a season start celebration event and four events on metropolitan area courses. Companies are allowed to buy tickets to participate in the tour. The companies bring their clients and partners to play at our relaxed events. The point of Fore Fashion Tour is having fun in style and creating a more relaxed impression of golf.

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