Skateboarding has cemented its place among the new voluntary activities that are here to stay. Skating is not child’s play or only for the youth. It was only five years ago that a 40-year-old skater and a female skater were a rare sight on a board – but not anymore. Skateboarding is good exercise that also promotes coordination. This is why Finnish heart association awarded the Finnish skateboarding association for promoting the health and activities of the youth.

Hangup is a magazine that specializes in skateboarding. Along the years, Hangup has become the number one skate mag in Finland. With its staff and writers that are active in the skate scene, Hangup presents to its readers both Finnish and international skateboarding as well as the world that surrounds it in a way that is interesting, written in skaters’ own language.
With Hangup, you can easily reach this group of trailblazers and the multitude of relevant subcultures. »

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