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EDGE is the official magazine of Ski Sport Finland and The Finnish Ski Area Association (SHKY). It is a high-quality publication that concentrates on alpine skiing, freestyle skiing as well as other types of skiing and outdoor life. EDGE is published four times a year.

Being the magazine for the members of the association, EDGE offers its readers a unique vantage point into the alpine skiing scene. Readers get to see the life and events of the contest skiers during the season as well as read about topical skiing news on both amateur and professional levels. EDGE always has its finger on the pulse of alpine and freestyle skiing events. 

EDGE is also a magazine for those who enjoy active outdoor life and skiing on their free time. Reviews and news on skiing locations and gear as well as features on outdoor life are an important part of the rich content of the magazine, promoting good vibes.

The current circulation is 15,000. EDGE is sent to all members of the skiing association, partners of Ski Sport Finland and SHKY, all ski resorts, and all skiers with a license.

During the season, EDGE will be participating in relevant ski events.

EDGE is sold at all newsstands across the country. A digital version is also always available through about one week after the print version.

EDGE reaches all active trailblazers aged 25–55 who are willing to spend time and money on their lifestyle, promoting a positive attitude around them.

We get excited about the stories from our customers
Famous brands are not famous by accident – they always have some strong story or ideology behind them. We help brands to spread their stories through our channels.

Alpine Skiing in Finland
According to a ski resort survey (conducted by Ski Sport Finland in 2021), there are approximately 976 000 Alpine skiers in Finland. Roughly over 50  % of them are active. During previous season, approximately 410 million EUR was spent on skiing and related travels and 200 million EUR on relevant gear and clothing. The approximate accrual for Finnish alpine skiing is 610 million EUR. Approximately 30% of alpine skiers earn over 85.000€ per year. 

From contests to freedom of free riding
Our biggest passion? Skiing on contest slopes as well as untouched virgin fields of powder. We know what goes on in the minds of different skier groups and what they value.

Edge is more than just skiing
Our readers are often into golf, fishing, boating, snowboarding – even triathlon. That is why part of our content is about things other than skiing, for activities that take a lot of passion support each other. – A channel for all skiers

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Schedule winter 2023/24

IssuePublishing weekMaterial Deadline
4/202346 (2023)10/27/2023
1/202451 (2023)12/8/2023
2/20247 (2024)2/2/2024
3/202412 (20243/1/2024
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